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We don't do the "me too" marketing. We don't create an account on every social media channel just because everyone is doing it. "Target one traction channel and extract the full benefits before you jump into the next one" - This is what we believe in. Because if marketing doesn't lead to sales, it's bad marketing. We don't do bad marketing. Brand awareness should be a catalyst to the bottom line, not a replacement. We are very direct in our approach. If we are not going to buy from you, we are not marketing it. But if we market your business, your sales are going to skyrocket! This is why we are trusted by businesses in five countries besides being one of the best content writing companies in Bangalore. We are headquartered in Kodaikanal and have some of our operations running in Bangalore. ContentStac is the brand name we use. The name of the company is Ravindran and Radha Marketing Solutions. Our goal? To establish ourselves in the remaining 190 countries. Because 'why not'?

Meet The Team

Pavithra Ravindran

Founder & CEO

Aakas Sadasivam

Director of Operations

Naveen Naallagatla

Growth Hacker

Ajay Simon

Creative Head

Sharon Winifred

Content Manager

Rustam Yunus

Marketing Strategist

Cadbury Ravindran

Chief Happiness Officer

Where are the Clients?

Who are the Clients?

Besides Business

We are the first content marketing company in Kodaikanal. We recognize the talent from the small town and train them with experts from Bangalore. We are on a mission to create job opportunities in Kodaikanal. Besides, we also encourage telecommuting. We come to the office only for meetings and work from home the rest of the time.  This is our way of keeping Kodai green and clean by eliminating the need for daily transport.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Tel: +91 94864 90613

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