• Pavithra Ravindran

6 Reasons why SMBs should Outsource Content Writing

1. Credibility

Outsourcing is easier than managing a team of in-house content writers, but companies are concerned about confidentiality. In reality, outsourcing can be more reliable if you pick ‘the right agency’. We sign an NDA to protect confidentiality. And honestly, we wouldn’t risk losing a client.

2. Quality

When SMBs can’t afford a whole editorial team, the writing and editing are done by the same person. Having a writer to quality check her own writing is not a good idea. In agencies, the content goes through multiple quality checks by editors with different perspectives. The best part - you will just be paying for the content, not the whole editorial team.

3. Deadlines

When the projects are voluminous, your in-house writer would need more time. Agencies break down the project into several sub-tasks, assign each one to a different writer, and get things done parallelly.

4. Expertise

There are two major challenges with an in-house writing team:

Experienced writers are expensive and novice writers produce average quality.

On average, even an experienced writer has expertise only on two to three industry verticals.

But, content Writing agencies have a strong team. Each professional in their team has different industry experience. Be it any topic, there’s always an expert to write on it.

5. Hidden Costs

Training an in-house content writer costs salary x (1.25 to 1.75). Additionally, Workstation management, bonuses, free lunches, paid holidays, etc. One writer cannot strategize, create, edit, proofread, and distribute content. You have to hire an entire team. But when you outsource, you just pay for the content and nothing else.

6. Meetings

Earlier, physical meetings were more convenient with an in-house team. But now everybody works from home. It doesn’t matter anymore.

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