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Brand Lexicon

“Lexicon” is just a collection of fancy names. Every brand has a specific way of referring to things.  So, how does it help your business? A brand lexicon helps you organize the vocabulary that belongs to a particular customer base. Each customer has a manner of speaking that’s unique to them or the region they belong to. Consider the following example: carbonated drinks are called different names in different places: Soda, Pop, Fizzy drinks, etc. So, if you were a carbonated drinks manufacturer, you must take care to use the right word according to the place you are marketing them in. If you use the wrong word, your prospects may not be attracted to your products. 

How to Build a Brand Lexicon

Dialect is shaped by experiences, so you can start by building a customer persona to see what language/terminologies he or she will relate to. Start with demographic data such as age, gender, region, education level, profession, etc.  Then you can delve into deeper data like frequently used social media apps, favorite TV shows, favorite magazines, favorite music genres, etc. Once you are clear about your buyer persona, you can create a list of words that are used by people who come under your target customers. Most importantly, this list should include how your audience refers to things related to your brand. Organize these words and ‘Tada’, you have your brand lexicon.

What Do You Do With This Information?

Incorporate the words from your lexicon into words in your ad copies. Frontline employees also need to use these words when communicating with customers. There must be consistency in the language your ads and employees, especially those in customer support, use to explain what your business and its products/services are all about. The words in your brand lexicon must put across your brand’s unique characteristics, so that in time when used consistently they become synonymous with your brand itself. Think of Google and Uber, they have become a part of the English lexicon. “Google it” and “You can Uber there” are integrated into our communications in such a way that we forget that these are trademarked terms.

Lexicon helps you understand the customer

The hidden benefit that most businesses fail to make use of, is using the lexicon to understand your customers better. Once you start thinking like the customer, you can write excellent blog posts and ad copies that address their needs and build trust. Building your lexicon will take lots of time. But the more time you invest in it, the more you benefit from it. You can refine it as you go but solidifying it will make your brand voice more consistent.

ContentStac offers content writing services to help build a brand lexicon for your Company. Please contact us for a detailed plan to suit your needs. 

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