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Content Writing 101 - 12 tips for better writing

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

1. Induce emotions in writing

Shock them. Make them Laugh. Surprise them. Make them recognize something.

Tell them stories.

2. Add Images to the content

Pick images thoughtfully. Even if the reader doesn't have the patience to read the whole article, the images should tell her the story.

3. Storytelling - The key element for writing engaging content

Stories inspire the audience to read the next line a.k.a they make your article less boring.

4. SEO is Secondary

Inserting Keywords into every possible sentence would affect the relevance of the content.

5. Really Make Sense

Don't say things that are obvious.

See if you will be worth your readers' time.

Avoid repetitions

6. Make them Laugh

Humour is a great way to engage with readers.

But ensure that you don't offend anyone.

7. Add Reference Links

Reference links are proof of actual research.

They add legitimacy to the content.

8. Don't say the obvious

Get to the point. Convey things in as few words as possible.

9. Talk with Statistics

Content should have more facts and less of your opinions.

10. One Post = One Goal

Each post should have only one goal. Focus!

11. Don't deviate from the topic.

You don't have to write about everything that excited you during your research. You'll end up sounding irrelevant.

12. Load with Info

Try to answer every possible question around the topic.

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