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Is your content kosher?

Mid sized US businesses invest anywhere upto $5million a year getting their content right, and out there in the markets. A conglomerate of content marketing received investments of over $1billion lending a measurable weight on how seriously 'content' or the words that the entrepreneurs put out are taken!

At ContentStac and through a variety of the forty plus clients served just in the last twelve months, we've learnt the more widely spread an enterprise is, with several managers handling portfolios that need to communicate often, the more room there is to take stalk on the really good content IP that can be leveraged.

Revive, Renew, Remember

Recycling content often comes with its flaws: grammar goof-ups to archaic and inaccurate figures pushed in a rush can cost a really good prospective client! Yet, starting each time from scratch could well cost an enormous amount of time and money in restating the objectives and aligning newer content writing teams to what's already available in-house.

In our focus groups, we've often recommended that content audits be undertaken every 12-18 months depending on the churn and the needs.

At ContentStac we follow a four stage evaluation that takes less than three weeks and helps teams update, centralise and immediately retain great creative work while making the mediocre redundant.

We'd love to have a conversation with our readers to share more about the success we've had, and also recommend what you could do better to leverage your words for dollars!

Omar Wani for ContectStac

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