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What is Content Strategy? Why is it important?

Content marketing without a content strategy is like driving without a map. You might end up wasting a lot of time on the wrong roads. If you are putting a lot of your marketing budget into content writing, consider creating a content strategy. It’s like the 80/20 rule. 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts you put into creating a content strategy.

Here are some steps for creating your content strategy:

1. Define your brand lexicon for content writing

First of all, you have to define your brand lexicon - an index of how you refer to things. It’s like a dictionary for your brand. Ensure that these terminologies are followed consistently across your content writing operations. This consistency can give you two things:

  1. Brand legitimacy

  2. SEO

Google understands your offerings through the words you use. If you promote your services using too many different words, you’ll end up confusing Google.

2. Define your posting frequency

You have to define the frequency for posting the content and stick to it. Posting too often will make you look like spammers. At the same time, longer posting intervals might make the audience forget your product. You have to bombard the audience with updates without annoying them. Finding an optimal frequency is the key. Optimal frequency can be found through experimentation.

3. Discover the optimal time for posting content

Thirdly, you have to define an optimal time for posting. You have to discover when your target audience is active on social media and post it at that time. This ‘optimal time’ varies from business to business. You can figure this out through experimentation.

4. Define your style and tone

Then you have to define your style. For example, if your target audience is an investment banker, you have to maintain a formal tone and ensure political correctness across the content. But if you are targeting a digital marketer, you have to cut to the chase and be direct with your approach. If your target audience is a college student, you have to maintain a casual tone.

Note: If you have a variety of audiences, you have to create a buyer persona for each variety and define a different content strategy for all of them.

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